>> In the making new puppet animation short film for kids

"Pea children" (Zirņa bērni) director Dace Rīdūze.


Director and script: Dace Rīdūze

Art design: Ilze Kiršteina

Camera: Ēvalds Lācis

Animation: Māris Brinkmanis



>>> Newest animation episode of the series

Rescue Team in Europe - "London holidays"

(Avārijas brigāde Eiropā - Londonas brīvdienas) is finished!


11 min. 2K 2019.


>> The men of the "Rescue team" are finally on holidays and are traveling on their yellow boat through the English Channel.
The satellite phone is ringing; London's famous clock "Big Ben" has broke down and the "Rescue team" rushes to fix it.
Morning comes and “Big Ben” is working again! However, when it comes time to ring, the solution found by the “Rescue team” is a great surprise to the Queen of England...


Director: Jānis Cimmermanis

Script: Māris Putniņš

Art: Māris Putniņš

Puppet makers: Ilze Kiršteina, Lelde Kārkliņa, Ēriks Kiršteins

Sets: Viktors Maksurovs, Gints Grasis, Dace Rožlapa

Camera: Ēvalds Lācis

Animation: Māris Brinkmanis and Dace Rīdūze

Computer graphics: Andris Gailītis

Music: Mārtiņš Brauns

Sound: Anrijs Krenbergs




>>> Filming the latest animation episode of the series

Rescue Team in Europe - "London vacation"

(Avārijas brigāde Eiropā - Londonas brīvdienas)


Have the first look from the set!


Director: Jānis Cimmermanis

Script: Māris Putniņš

Camera: Ēvalds Lācis

Animation: Māris Brinkmanis


New puppet animation films!




Script - Dace Riduze

Art -  Martins Milbrets, Ilze Kirsteina

Director - Dace Riduze

Camera - Evalds Lacis

Sound - Anrijs Krenbergs

Producer - Maris Putnins


13 min.

colour, digital, 16:9



Small boy's life is usual and a bit boring.
Every day one and the same thing - school, homework, music lessons...
On boy's book shelf, life is also happening.
In the world of dusties you can meet many different ones playful,
sleepy and even traveling ones.
One of them is especially educated and smart.
He loves the order, takes care of other dusties, manages foreign languages,
but he always feels lonely.
An accidental encounter between the two worlds of a boy and
little dusty is turning their everyday life into an interesting adventure.











































Script -               Maris Putnins

Art-                   Maris Putnins

Director-            Janis Cimmermanis

Camera-             Evalds Lacis

Sound -             Anrijs Krenbergs

Producer-          Maris Putnins


8 min.

colour, digital, 16:9



At the Eiffel tower security guard’s office electricity goes off. Guard tries to repair electricity but can’t, so he needs to call for “The Rescue Team”.  Men arrive on their yellow plane and start rescue work by fixing things. Initially, it works out well, but then the light suddenly goes off in all city of Paris, and the portrait of Mona Liza disappears from the darkened Louvre Museum. However, everything ends fine…



>>> Great news!

Award in nomination "Best Stop Motion up to 10 minutes" went to puppet animation short "The Esperance Of Will" by new animation director Rene Turtledove at the International Brazil Stop Motion Film Festival August 8.-15.2018.




Congratulations to the film studio "Animācijas Brigāde"!!!



>>> A book about history of 50 years of Puppet film studio is out now!

"Lelles var visu!" (Puppets can do anything)

Written by Dace Rožlapa and Māris Putniņš

- It is an exciting journey in time of the unique world of puppet animation film makers in Latvia.



Animation short THE ESPERANCE OF WILL by Rene Turtledove is finished


Script -               Rene Turtledove

Director -            Rene Turtledove

Camera-             Elvijs Menniks

Art-                    Dzintars Krumins

Composer-         Zane Veremeja

Sound editor -     Normunds Deinats

Producer-            Maris Putnins





When the last of her friends has been buried, a daunting loneliness takes over an elderly lady. On her way home from the graveyard she runs into her own memories that play out in front of her eyes all over the city. The road takes her to the coffin store where she has to face a choice. Either it’s going to be a coffin or an old sledge. She says her goodbyes to her late husband and her dog and takes off towards the top of the mountain. The road is long and covered in snow, but the lady perseveres. When the top is reached she sits down on her sledges and pushes herself off the edge...


Animation short THE MOLE AND THE BULL by Evalds Lacis is finished


Script -              Evalds Lacis

Director -           Evalds Lacis

Camera-             Evalds Lacis

Art-                   Maris Putnins

Composer          Martins Brauns

Sound editor -    Normunds Deinats

Producer-           Maris Putnins





A Film about the Mole, who is living in difficult times - the war between people happens write over his head. Also his neighbor the Bull does not like Mole so he wants to get rid of the little creature. But all ends well.

Animation short WAIKIKI by Maris Brinkmanis is finished!


Script -             Maris Putnins

Art-                  Maris Putnins

Director-           Maris Brinkmanis

Camera-           Evalds Lacis

Music -             Goran Gora

Sound -            Normunds Deinats

Producer-         Maris Putnins





Evening time at pastry shop.  Dark brown cocoa sweet potato falls off the shelf into a plate of sweet zephyrs (marshmallows). He opens his eyes moves his little arms and legs and realizes that he has fallen into zephyr container on his head. Zephyr (Marshmallow) pink girl is disturbed from the hustle and opens her eyes. They look at each other. New friends decide to walk through the cake rack and adventures can begin...



>>> Puppet animation short FOREST GUARDS by Maris Brinkmanis has received an award for the best kids film at New Chitose Airport Int'l Animation Festival 2016. in Japan! Congratulations!!!



Animation short by Dace Riduze "Piglet's journey" has been finished

The story is about little Piglet who prefers sweet, lazy sleep than engaging in any housework. He gets offended when his friends ask for help. Chatty magpie tells little Piglet of rich and generous relatives in the forest. Piglet believes magpie and goes into the forest for promised better life. But the dream turns into illusion and Piglet’s trip turns into a dangerous affair…





(director Janis Cimmermanis)

The film is dedicated to the centenary of Arnolds Burovs.

Animated documentary film.


A. Burov’s life – partly reflected in real documentary shots, partly in characters or fragments from his films and partly also in newly created animations. We find A. Burovs as a young man without any specific characteristic similarity. He is rather a kind of man that he wanted to see himself in memories and fantasies.

The real life gradually passes into the world of fantasy through the play with different characters and the small film puppets which he himself modifies and rearranges as he wants.  Thus A. Burovs  reveals his dreams about Bimini, his nostalgic desire for past times that he wants to make real and fill with life again. The performance of puppets in the film become a reality. The dreams fulfill. There we can meet the poet Caks, the artists Sappy, Rembrant with Sasky... And Master finally reaches his dreamland - Bimini...



>>> Great news!

Award in nomination "Best animation film" went to puppet animation short "TOWER" by Janis Cimmermanis at the National Latvian Film Festival "Lielais Kristaps".


Congratulations to the film studio "Animācijas Brigāde"!!!


First look!


>>> Shooting new puppet animation-documentary

"Masters secret life" a film about life of Arnolds Burovs (1915-2006) the founder and film director of the first Latvian puppet animation film studio.



>>> Award to "Little Ruddy" and other shorts from Film studio "Animacijas Brigade"


Wonderful news!


Animation short SĀRTULIS (LITTLE RUDDY) by Dace Rīdūze has received the Youth Jury Award as a Best animation short film at Freeze Frame International film festival 2015. Canada, Winnipeg, 1.- 8. March. 2015.


On top of that, LITTLE RUDDY was in compilation with other shorts: TOWER, CORRIDA, VASA called "Fun from the Baltic countries" won the Audience award for short film programs!


Congratulations to all of the film-makers!


Puppet animation short "Hares`big day" by Dace Rīdūze is finished!

Puppet animation short "Tower" (Italy episode) from the series Rescue Team in Europe out now!

Puppet animation short by director Dace Rīdūze in the making!


>>>  New puppet animation short by director Dace Rīdūze in the making! This story will be about Easter and adventures of little bunny. 

(photo from the set)

>>> New puppet animation short by director Māris Brinkmanis in the making!


>>> Film studio "Animacijas Brigade" is into making of a new puppet animation short directed by Māris Brinkmanis titled "Forest guards" (Meža sargi) about nature and human coexcistence.

(photo from the set)


>>> Set of the latest animation episode of Rescue Team in Europe - "Tower" (Avārijas brigāde Eiropā - Tornis).


Have the first look from the set!  :)


Director: Jānis Cimmermanis

Script: Māris Putniņš

Camera: Ēvalds Lācis

Animation: Māris Brinkmanis

>>> Film studio`s "Animacijas Brigade" latest animation films at 64. International Filmfestspiele Berlinale

Film director Dace Rīdūze went to 64. International Filmfestspiele Berlinale, Germany, 06th-16th of February 2014 to present Film Studio "Animacijas Brigade" Ltd latest animation films "Little Ruddy"(Sārtulis) by Dace Rīdūze and "Vasa"(Vāsa) by Jānis Cimmermanis.


Films where well received and admired by kids and jury of 64. International Filmfestspiele Berlinale Generation Kplus.

>>> Great news to start New Year with!!



Latest Film studio "Animacijas Brigade" animation films: "Little Ruddy" (Sārtulis) by Dace Rīdūze and "Vasa" - Rescue Team in Europe (Vāsa) by Jānis Cimmermanis are going to Berlin to 64. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin film festival to compete in section Generation Kplus!


 Press Releases 64th Berlinale


Congratulations and good luck!!



NEW DVD - out now!


>>> The wait is over!!!

The latest DVD "Zelta DVD 9" of the newest Film studio`s "Animacijas Brigade" films is out now!

DVD called "GARDUMIŅI" includes films:

"Little Ruddy" (Sārtulis) by Dace Rīdūze;

"Crispy" (Kraukšķītis) by Dace Rīdūze;

"Acorn Boy" (Zīļuks) by Dace Rīdūze;

"Hedgehogs and the city" (Eži un lielpilsēta) by Ēvalds Lācis;

"Tiger" (Tīģeris) by Jānis Cimmermanis;

"Corrida" (Korida) by Jānis Cimmermanis;

"Vasa" (Vāsa) by Jānis Cimmermanis.


Search for the Zelta DVD 9 "GARDUMIŅI" at the bigest music and video shops in Riga.

> Elkor shops in Riga

> Upe - Vaļņu iela 26, Rīga, Latvija

> Randoms - Kaļķu iela 4, Riga, Latvija

> Valters un Rapa

> X-net internet shop



>>>  Little Hedgehogs are loved all over the world!


This time - Special mention to HEDGEHOGS AND THE CITY (EŽI UN LIELPILSĒTA) by Ēvalds Lācis from Children's Competition at the 6th KUKI International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin, Germany. 10th to 17th of November 2013.


KUKI Festival 2013. Honorable Mention









"Evalds Lacis’ animated short Hedgehogs and the City won the Best European Animated Short prize at the 27th edition of the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam on Tuesday. Twenty animated European projects were competing for the price."






 >>>  This time it is 2 awards!! "Hedgehogs and the city" by Ēvalds Lācis awarded with

1)  Kids jury "Best Kids" Award


2)  Kids Audience Award

at FANTOCHE 11th International Animation Film Festival, Switzerland, Baden.



Congratulations Ēvald and AB studio team!!!


>>> Film studio "Animacijas Brigade" just recived this charming Special Jury’s Award from the 21st TOKYO KINDER FILM FESTIVAL, Japan, (7th – 11th August) for the film "Hedgehogs and the City" by director Ēvalds Lācis who himself is posing with the award.


We thank Tokyo Kinder Film Festival for this wonderful surprice!





>>> Animation short "HEDGEHOGS AND THE CITY" by Evalds Lacis continues its triumph around the world!
Just received - International Special Jurys Award at The 21st TOKYO KINDER FILM FESTIVAL, Japan, 7th - 11th of August 2013.

Congratulations Evald!!



>>> Charming!

Short film "Acorn Boy" by Dace Rīdūze has won award as a Best film of the Albany Park ICFilmFest. Chicago on July 26th 2013!

And the ICFilmFest Winners Are…


Read some written feedback from the children who wrote their votes:

I liked everything about Acorn Boy -- his friends, his house and the music.  

Felicia, Age 7


Pingu made me laugh but Acorn Boy gave me a happy feeling in my heart.  

Pablo, Age 9


I like how they made little little things so perfect.

Jenna, Age 6


I would like to be in their village.  

Jaime, Age 7


>>>  Awesome news!

"Hedgehogs and the city" has recived Audience Award for Best Kids Short at Traverse City Film Festival, USA, August 2013.



>>> Another special mention for short film "Hedgehogs and the city"! This time from "CARTA GIOVANI " jury at the Sardinia Film Festival 24th – 29th of June 2013.


HEDGEHOGS AND THE CITY by Evalds Lacis (Lettonia, 2013)
A fanciful way to bring into question the Western
socioeconomic model from an environmental
viewpoint, developed through the animation’s
language and through the animals'


>>> Great News! Short animation film "Hedgehogs and the City" by Evalds Lacis have won COLOUR BOX AWARD at Flatpack Festival March 21.- 30. Birmingham, UK


 Colour Box Award




>>> "HEDGEHOGS AND THE CITY" honored at 63.Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin !

  *** Animation short "HEDGEHOGS AND THE CITY" (Eži und Lielpilsēta) by Ēvalds Lācis from Film Studio "ANIMĀCIJAS BRIGĀDE" was honoured with two special mentions from the Generation Kplus children's jury and the Kplus international jury at the 63.Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin !


*** The latest "AB" studio film "HEDGEHOGS AND THE CITY" Director - Ēvalds Lācis


Script - Ēvalds Lācis
Director - Ēvalds Lācis
Camera - Ēvalds Lācis

Animation - Māris Brinkmanis
Art - Māris Putniņš
Composer - Kārlis Auzāns
Sound editor - Anrijs Krenbergs
Producer - Māris Putniņš


One spring morning animals wake-up from winter sleep and discovers that forest has been turned into the city. Hedgehog has a briliant idea how they all could survive in the big city. By helping people they could earn money! But what does it takes? Hedgehogs decide to get back forest and their real home...

Moderator: Katrina Cimermane